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"It is a vital, glorious and exciting exploration of reality and its relationship to our minds and our hearts."


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"---has had a major impact on my notion of God, the purpose of life and the power and freedom of Spirit."

The Path TOC

Unit One, Knowledge

Dream Time: The story of creation from a Shaman's point of view.

The Movie Experience: How our mind creates a movie of reality for us.

Holographic: The latest scientific opinion concerning the nature of our world. Scientists now believe the physical world is made of holographic energy an lo! Is not that what the Old Ones have been telling us all along.

The Paradigm: Here it is! That filter in our mind that keeps us from being aware of the world of energy around us and allows us a nice, comfortable experience.

The mind and Mind: We are more than our experience. Here we learn that awareness is always available in each of us in Mind.

The mind and the Computer: A comparison between our mind and a computer.

The mind is a Powerhouse: Just how powerful is our mind in its filtering process? The answer may amaze you.

Paradigm Limits: When we reach the edge of our beliefs and expectations, we reach the limit of the awareness available to us.

The Magic of Agreeing: As creators, we agree on our 'movie' of reality.

Consensus Reality: The fact that we agree is what holds our reality together - or changes it.

Out There: If our world is really holographic energy, what’s out there?

Maya: The essence of our illusion - separation, limitation and meaning.

The Path in the mind: We have a great advantage. Our mind records every step we have taken to enter fully into a limited movie of reality. The Path to freedom.

The One: The holographic world we live in includes all that is.

Unit Two, Integration

Horizons: While we remain here we enjoy our 'movie experience.' Where do we go from here?

Balance: The platform from which we must travel.

Falling: You might be surprised to discover that there is balance in falling.

Meditation: Not your traditional 'western style.' From the original teachings, the basics of meditation, and a powerful meditation for balance.

Karma: Fact or fiction? It may be the key to freedom. Karma is self imposed!

Reincarnation: Just another movie thing? Or, are we addicted to experience?

The Script: from beginning to end, your script is unlimited.

Worthiness: If there were such a thing as unworthiness, the masters would have told us.

The Movie Will End: All good movies have a beginning, a middle and an end. Consensus reality does, too.

Transition: It is not death! Discover the entire process by which we leave this reality and inter the next.

Unit Three, Return of the Sky Heroes

The Transpersonal Realm: Revealing! A map of the territory! The most complete explanation of the area beyond our physical senses ever presented.

States of Awareness: Discover the 'tools of awareness' that are available now! The transpersonal realm has never been hidden from us. With the slightest shift of awareness, we are there.

A Master: The very nature of a master is Love.

Working Together: An encouragement for encouragement along The Path.

Lucid Dreaming: One of the most powerful techniques for expanding awareness along The Path.

A Shaman’s Way: Yet another powerful method of expanding awareness.

Remembering: You have always known!

The Quality of Faith: And you have always had the faith necessary to travel your Path.

You Are: The Master.


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