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Joseph R. Kiefer - Rene GavinRichard Fuller

Joseph R. Kiefer II

With The Path, be prepared for an extraordinary, thought-provoking journey through the nuts and bolts of consciousness. The author, William Cozzolino, presents ancient and immutable principles in the light of modern understanding.

The Path challenges our deep-seated, comfortable sense of what is real; it offers knowledge and an opportunity therein to discard false deductions about ourselves and our place in life-and death-by the introduction of a clearer premise of reality and our chosen roles within it.

In The Path we are taught by a western adept and an eastern master, and we soon realize they are one and the same. The teaching is designed to awaken us to a sense of balance and freedom from the mass-delusion most of us call Life-the end result: a practical evolution of consciousness that can be used in day-to-day existence to develop a profound sense of awe for all that is.

The Path has found a prominent place among my most valued books in the genre. I will read it again-and again.

Joseph R. Kiefer II

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