What readers say about The Path:

"I am currently in the process of reading and reviewing The Path for use in our first year class at the Baltimore Spiritual Science Center. Your book is absolutely wonderful! It ties in with several other textbooks we use already.

I must say, this book has pushed me past my current 'slow growth' period into another 'surge' period.  I have read so many metaphysical and philosophy books over the past 14 years and I was beginning to think that there was nothing left to stimulate my craving for knowledge. The Path has given me a way of looking at these concepts from a whole new perspective. Now I am in the process of integrating your thoughts and ideas from The Path, into what I have learned so far.

It's a wonderful feeling. Thank you."

Rev. Joyce Klein, Baltimore Spiritual Science Center

NOTE: The Path is currently being used as a text book by first year students of The Baltimore Spiritual Science Center.

"I have just finished reading The Path by Wm. Cozzolino - Awesome. . . and that is coming from someone who has read nearly every New Age/Spiritual/Metaphysical books ever written.  For over 22 years I have been an avid Seeker - have taken workshops with many of the Teachers of Note - have a zillion experiences of Divine Intervention and synchronicity - been there. . . done that. . . Lived in NYC for 43 years. . . in San Fran for 10 and the Holy Land for 1 - in other words, it is hard to impress me. . . very hard.  I was not only impressed, I was blown away - My new 'mantra' is - Okay , now I've got the combination, now all I have to do is find the lock.

I had a breakthrough experience in 1976 that resulted in a 32 day bliss period that changed my life - totally. . . now thanks to the Path, I finally understand what happened to me. . . it validated my experience and helped me to understand so much about my life and the process since that occurrence.  I do not know enough superlatives to express my gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Cozzolino, his Master and Raissa Publishing for bringing this Gift of Grace my way."

Marsha Stevens

"Hello Bill! Finally finished it! Well done my friend! Those who understand the universal principles should have no problem understanding where you're coming from. I think it is excellent!  The way the paradigms are laid out are the way the laws work. Everything is part of this pattern, even the structure of words and their various meanings.I highly recommend this book to those who have a mind to know the mind and its operations."

Dwayne Sheffield, author, Two Witnesses

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