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The Nuts & Bolts of Meditation!

A scientific guide to understanding and practice.

Learn exactly what's happening in the brain and body during the meditation process. The Nuts & Bolts of Meditation removes the mystery and places you in total control.
Discovery TV recently aired "Everything you need to know about the brain" in which they revealed a 'special probe' has been placed into an average brain resulting in

 Instant Savant Abilities!

This amazing TV show reveals the most recent discoveries about brain power and abilities that are available to everyone! Don't miss this exciting journey into the 'nuts & bolts' of the human brain! Check Discovery TV listings for the next airing!

Great scientists like Louis Pasteur, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein were able to access concepts 'outside the box' for the average person.

Now science is proving that everyone
has these 'hidden' mental powers.

Have you ever had a 'hunch' that was right on?

Have you ever made a 'wrong turn' and ended up right where you want to be?

Have you ever had an 'ah ha' moment when something that didn't make sense just a moment ago suddenly makes perfect sense?

 That's Exactly what Pasteur, Edison and Einstein had!

"Without changing our pattern of thought, we will not be able to solve the problems we created with our current patterns of thought." Albert Einstein

Shaman's Drum?

Research confirms that brainwave patterns correspond to specific states of consciousness. Drumming, chanting and dancing have been used for thousands of years to induce the mental 'state' required to reach beyond the physical realm!

"Scientists monitoring individuals experiencing expanded states of awareness (telepathy, visions, etc.) have determined that each experience is consistent with different brainwave states."

"Perhaps the most unusual side effect is the reported increase in psychic ability, including episodes of precognition, out-of-body experiences, and spontaneous channeling." (more)


The brain is just like a muscle. When we exercise a muscle, it becomes stronger and more efficient.

The brain controls the entire body. When we exercise the brain, the brain and the entire body become stronger and more efficient!

Our Binaural Sound Technology automatically 'exercises' your brain with patterns for Alpha, Theta and Delta just by listening and relaxing!

Here are just a few of the Scientific Study Results:

Findings: Increased longevity. Increased cognitive and perceptual flexibility. Increased behavioral flexibility. Increased learning ability. Improved mental health and sense of well-being. More ideal levels of blood pressure.

Findings: Benefits in general medical practice: improvements in general health and in a wide variety of physical and mental disorders including hypertension, angina pectoris, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, diabetes mellitus, menorrhagia, periodontal inflammation, recurrent upper respiratory infections, allergic rhinitis, chronic back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, dyspepsia, chronic colitis, Insomnia, chronic headaches, anxiety, depression, fatigue, obesity. Decreased need for tranquilizers, sleep medications, anti-asthmatics, anti-hypertensives, and drugs for hypertension, asthma, and heart disease. Increased cooperation with medical advice. Faster recovery from major illness, chronic musculo-skeletal complaints.

Findings: Significantly lower plasma levels of oxidized LDLs in elderly long term TM practitioners compared to controls. Study controlled for group dietary differences.

Findings: Benefits for the elderly demonstrating reversal of aging: increased longevity.

Findings: More ideal levels of blood pressure in normotensive subjects: decreased mean diastolic ambulatory blood pressure.

Findings: Decreased medical care expenditures. Greatest savings for elderly and high cost people.

Findings: Improved sleep and decreased smoking in industrial workers: decreased time to fall asleep, reduced waking during the night, decreased smoking, fewer cigarettes smoked per day.

Findings: Reduction of High Blood Pressure.

Findings: Reversal of biological aging: longitudinal reduction in biological age. Younger biological age compared with norms.

Findings: Better health for mother and child during pregnancy and childbirth: fewer medical complaints during pregnancy. Less pain and anxiety during pregnancy and childbirth. Shorter duration of labor. Lower frequency of vacuum or forceps delivery and other operative interventions during labor. Greater frequency and longer duration of breast-feeding.

The Center for Disease Control states that it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. A super-virus will will eventually strike the world. If it's not the 'bird flu,' it will be another strain!

Findings: Improved immune response to stress.

Findings: Prevention of disease: lower levels of free-radicals.

Findings: Lower erythrocyte sedimentation rate levels indicating less serious illness and slower aging.

Studies show that mediation can physically change the structure of the brain and reduce the effects of ageing. In other studies, meditation has helped reduce pain and promote healing.

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Do Not use these CDs or any binaural technology if you are subject to any forms of seizures or epilepsy, are using a pacemaker, are suffering from cardiac arrhythmia or other heart disorders or are taking stimulants, psychoactive drugs, or tranquilizers without the expressed, written consent of a qualified physician.

Do not use binaural technology while driving or operating dangerous equipment.

Brain Training CD Series
Three CDs or MP3 download files containing pure Binaural Beats masked with light brown noise. No music, spoken word or subliminal messages.
CD 1 - Alpha   8HZ - 50 minutes
* Attention focusing, Meditation and Balance.
* An increase in norepinephrin, serotonin levels.
* A decrease in blood lactate levels.
* An increase in beta-endorphin levels.
* Enhance the immune system.
* Reduce stress.
* Quick pick-me-up at the end of the day.
CD 2 - Theta – 4Hz – 50 minutes
* Deeper states of attention focusing, Meditation and Balance.
* Problem solving, gaining insight and discovering new concepts.
* Traveling the perinatal matrix to resolve life issues.
* Flashes of deep insight into paradigm issues.
* Increased intuitive and creative ability.
* Increased psychic abilities.
CD 3 - Delta – 1Hz – 50 minutes
* Deepest states of attention focusing, Meditation and Balance.
* Expanded awareness.
* Out of body experience.
* Open visions and transpersonal experience.
* Deeper insight and understanding.
* Gaining a sense of Oneness.

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I am personally available by email and I'm online live in our Virtual Meeting Room three nights weekly. All you need is a PC with speakers and mic.
These products contain the same binaural technology used by the Monroe Institute and other researchers for many years. While the Brain Training series contains the same technology, no attempt is made to influence the desires of or to 'guide' the user in any manner. We provide pure binaural tones with brown noise masking. You are free to use this technology as you choose. 
What are Binaural Beats?
Binaural beats were discovered in 1839 by a German experimenter, H. W. Dove. The human ability to hear binaural beats appears to be evolutionary adaptation. Humans possess the ability to detect the subtle phase shift of sounds arriving at one ear slightly before arriving at the other ear. This phase difference normally provides directional information and is what enables us to determine the physical location of a sound. The difference in phase relationship can be detected when sound frequencies are below approximately 1000 Hz. It is more difficult for us to determine the physical location of a high pitched sound.
The sensation of binaural beats occurs when two coherent sounds of nearly similar frequencies or phase relationships are presented, one to each ear and the brain detects phase or frequency differences between the sounds. When presented with stereo headphones over a period of time, the brain integrates the two signals producing a sensation of a third sound called the binaural beat. The binaural beat resulting in the brain is the phase or frequency difference between the two sounds.
Because the binaural beat is the result of the phase or frequency relationship of the two sounds, the binaural effect is produced regardless of the relative amplitudes of the tones. A slight hearing loss in one ear does not reduce the effectiveness of binaural beats.
The brain produces electrical patterns known as brainwaves. These patterns can be detected using sophisticated electronic equipment known as EEG devices. Different brainwave patterns are produced during different mental activities.
Beta is associated with normal, waking consciousness while our attention is directed towards our external environment. They are also present during stress and anxiety. Beta waves oscillate between approximately 14 and 30 Hz (cycles per second).
Alpha occurs when we are relaxed and not thinking about anything in particular. Alpha waves are also associated with a calm and focused mental state and meditation. Alpha waves oscillate between 8 and 14 Hz
Theta is a state of deep relaxation and is often associated with bursts of creative insight, sleep learning and vivid mental imagery. It is also found in more advanced meditators. Theta waves oscillate between 4 and 8 Hz.
Delta is the slowest of brainwave activity and is found during deep, dreamless sleep and sometimes in very experienced meditators. Delta brainwave activity has also been recorded in states of transpersonal awareness such as open visions. They oscillate between .5 and 4 Hz.
The brainwave states are an indication of the most dominant patterns during any given mental activity. The brain is a dynamic, living organ. During all these ‘states’, other frequencies are still present. Although there is a dominant frequency, there is no single frequency that our brain is operating on.
The Frequency Following Response
If external stimulus is applied to the brain, it is possible to entrain the dominant brain frequency from one stage to another. If an individual in the beta stage is presented with a stimulus of 10Hz for some time, the brain frequency is likely to change towards the applied stimulus. The effect will be relaxing to the individual. This phenomenon is also called frequency following response (FFR).
When a brainwave pattern is practiced over a period of time, the brain actually learns the state and it becomes easier to produce the desired brainwave state at will. The frequency following response is evident without conscious effort. However, active participation is necessary in order to learn the desired state. Passively listening to binaural beats does not produce the learning response. A willingness to focus the attention,  while remaining relaxed and alert is a primary factor in how effective the binaural beat stimulus is for learning a specific brainwave state. Using binaural technology to assist in meditation requires focus and attention.
The Ganzfeld Effect
Ganzfeld means ‘homogenized field’. The Ganzfeld effect takes place when the mind is presented with a wealth of sensory data that contains no specific sensory information. The relaxing sound of gently falling rain is an example of a homogenized audio sound. After focusing on the sound for a period of time, the brain determines that the sound contains no information of value and begins to ignore it. There is a great deal of research to indicate that the Ganzfeld effect alone stimulates PSI ability!
To induce the Ganzfeld response in the listener, we use 'brown noise masking' that sounds like gently falling rain. Although is not necessary to actually hear the binaural beats in order to entrain the brain to the desired pattern, we have found that audible beats are beneficial. The binaural beats on these CDs are heard as harmonics of the actual beats and are not masked by the brown noise and can still be heard in the background.
Practical Uses for Binaural Technology
Research confirms that brainwave patterns correspond to specific states of consciousness. Individuals capable of altering their brainwave patterns can have significant control over other mental and physiological functioning. Elmer and Alyce Green of the Menninger Institute reported in the mid-70's, 

"...simply causing your brain to generate theta activity for a few minutes each day seems to have enormous benefits, including boosting the immune system, enhancing creativity, and triggering integrative experiences leading to feelings of psychological well-being." 

Biofeedback research indicates that people who enter the 'theta state,' can expand their states of consciousness and acquire a unique understanding of new information.
An additional benefit of using binaural technology is a need for less sleep. Some users are able to reduce their sleep requirement by as much as 3 - 4 hours each night. It is believed that the theta pattern replaces the need for deep dreaming which, is the main purpose of sleep. Another interesting side effect is that many users report a dramatic increase in sex drive.

Perhaps the most unusual side effect is the reported increase in psychic ability, including episodes of precognition, out-of-body experiences, and spontaneous channeling.

When you finish each session your entire body becomes charged with a new energy and vitality. Fears and anxieties are gone. You are renewed, more alert, and mentally feel on top of the world.
Meditative States and Binaural Technology
Meditators have been studied using EEG equipment. Japan's leading neurophysiologist, Dr. Tomio Hirai reports that Zen meditators are able to alter Alpha/Theta frequency according to their depth of meditation. According to Dr. Hirai, 

"Meditation is not merely a state between mental stability and sleep, but a condition in which the mind operates at the optimum. In this condition the person is relaxed but ready to accept and respond positively to any stimulus that may reach him."

The simple act of closing the eyes and clearing the mind produces an immediate decrease in brainwave activity. In the initial stages, brainwave activity remains around 13 to 14 Hz. With practice, deeper meditative states can be achieved. Experienced meditators can achieve brainwave patterns closer to 8Hz. Those that have practiced meditation for many years can achieve even deeper brainwave states.
Meditation is a discipline that must be understood in order to be effective. There is much controversy in the West over the desired ‘result’ of meditation. From a technical perspective, no specific result is desired. In other words, the pure practice of meditation is not intended to result in an experience. In the meditative state, all experience is recognized, acknowledged and the attention is then once again returned to the chosen focus. Once an experience – any experience other than the chosen focus – invades the meditation and consumes the attention, an individual is no longer in a state of meditation. 
Most individuals will experience the benefit of the CDs immediately. However, we suggest that you spend at least one month of daily meditation with the Alpha CD, move on to one month of meditation with the Theta CD and then progress to the Delta CD. In doing so you will have ample time to entrain and learn each brainwave state.
Expanded Awareness and Binaural Technology
Scientists monitoring individuals experiencing expanded states of awareness (telepathy, visions, etc.) have determined that each experience is consistent with different brainwave states. As an example, during open visions while an individual is awake and alert, the brainwave pattern is often found in the Delta range. Delta is normally associated with deep sleep and should not appear while an individual is awake and alert.
Many individuals report that inducing the brain to a specific frequency following response will produce a state of expanded awareness or transpersonal experience. The attention, beliefs and expectations of the individual directly effect the resulting experience. Because of this, the resulting transpersonal experience differs between individuals.
A full description of the realm beyond consensus reality and the individual belief and reality structure is found in The Path. 
Necessary Equipment
Any good CD player will work well. The MP3 audio files are just as effective as the CDs and will run on any computer or MP3 ready player.

Headphones are not required, but they do eliminate ambient noise. If used, those that completely cover the ears are recommended. A well-fitting pair of ear buds will work just fine if there is not a lot of background noise.
Audio tapes created from the CD may not work well. The binaural beats are digitally recorded and designed for good quality sound equipment. Users report that the beats degrade considerably when transferred to an audio tape with anything less than studio quality recording equipment.

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