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Welcome to!  We have been online and operational for over 20 years. We began as and remain to this day a strictly fact oriented web site based on the purest scientific process. 


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The Greater Reality!

Remote viewing is an ability that is common among people. We can receive impressions about something hundreds or thousands of miles away simply by closing our eyes and relaxing. Remote viewing demonstrates the fact that underlying the apparently vast distances we perceive in the Universe, there is the Greater Reality (a quantum energy world) in which there is no time or space. All we have to do is close our eyes to have the Universe collapse into our consciousness.

R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D., is a leading expert in remote viewing and a close friend. The Greater Reality helps us expand our awareness to better encompass The One. Craig is a frequent visitor to The Skyhero Forum. He is also an expert instructor and offers a great online writing course. The Greater Reality web site is a wonderful place to visit.

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Bridging Heaven and Earth Foundation

The Bridging Heaven and Earth Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting the New Age communities through TV media. The foundation's objective is to establish, through love and the knowledge of the "Oneness" of all life. Bridging is well connected to leaders in all fields. A visit to the Bridging web site will reveal a wealth of resources, TV movies of the guests that have appeared and much more.

My good friend Allan Silberhartz hosts the nationwide public network TV show appropriately called Bridging Heaven and Earth. I was honored to appear as a guest on Alan's show, got to know him very well and firmly support the Bridging Heaven and Earth vision.

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